Saturday, September 20, 2008

OK - So They're "Best" - But how can they get BETTER? Your feedback, please...

Article: Ranked #1 Local Search Platform

My Take

A few questions for you, Mr./Ms. Local Business Owner:

1. How can local search be improved to better meet YOUR needs?

2. Most online Yellow Page advertisers omit their e-mail addresses. Yet the people finding them online are already at their computer keyboards and are therefore able to instantly communicate with them
- Are you hesitant to permit prospective customers to contact you via e-mail?
- Why? To prevent spam? Because it would be too difficult to monitor?

3. What if you were able to generate qualified word-of-mouth referrals from the people who know you best - your customers, neighbors and friends? For free? And what if you could measure these results? And what if you were allowed to reward your referrers? And benefit your community to build self-sustaining referrals in the future?

You're the experts. Please let us know how local advertising can be improved for YOU.