Sunday, September 7, 2008

Add Word-of-Mouth to Your Advertising

Advertising is a necessity for gaining new clients and growing revenues. But you might think twice before buying Yellow Page or local newspaper ads.

Are your target clients using these traditional media as much as they used to? Or at all?

Studies show that consumers:
trust the opinions of their friends and neighbors much more than ads; each participate in over 10 word-of-mouth referrals every day; and are connecting with each other more and more on Web-based social networks.

So why spend money on advertising that doesn't influence your customer's purchasing decision? Or even get read?

Businesses are saving ad money and increasing sales by harnessing WOM. These recent articles show how you can, too.

Guerrillas Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing - It comes in many forms, but all of them are essential to your business.

WoM: Viral Psychology 101 (Slide show) 12 Secrets Of Successful Word-Of-Mouth Programs

Word of Mouth (Slide show) Joining the Movement to Measurably Improve Your Business is your free, ready-made network with all the tools you need to
1. connect with your WOM referrers,
2. leverage the good will you worked so hard to build,
3. measure WOM results,
4. be found by your extended network and
5. reward your best referrers.