Monday, March 8, 2010

Theory of Social Marketing Relativity

The Energy yielded from your social marketing is a function of three factors. Each of these is critical to your social marketing success. Doing any two well, at the expense of the third, assures sub-optimal results.

These three factors are very simple – and simple to remember, thanks to this play on Einstein's famous formula:
where 'R' is the relevance of your messages; the first 'C' is content, and the second 'C' is consistency.

Relevance – The beginning & end of social media is people – you, your customers, your friends and their friends. All of these are increasingly using social media to connect and to share pertinent information with those they care about. This is where word-of-mouth referrals happen for their trusted service providers – a.k.a. “you”.

If they're recommending you, then guess what - they like you! And they welcome you to connect with them appropriately and genuinely. Thanks to social media you can easily join this conversation.

Some tips on being relevant: be real – let your personality show. Whether this means you're always on topic or else you clown around a bit; whether you're stricly corporate or you let your personal side show – this is up to you. Just be you and they will find it easy to connect with your social media personna.

Content – The gist of your social media messages will be what grabs people. There is no simple formula to follow. Not every post will “wow” people – but your body of posts will establish a reputation for substance and will expand the number of people who listen.

Your content should revolve around your personality and your expertise. Share your insights, advice, tips, ideas and inspirations.

The all-important content rules are
avoid controversial topics (politics, sex and religion). These cause otherwise interested folks to stop paying attention – quickly. Also,
negative or sarcastic comments tend to drive away readers.

Consistency - You might be brilliant and relevant, but if you do not connect consistently you will not establish many new, real relationships via social media that help grow your business. And you'll be frustrated.

In your frustration you will lose precious time as your competitors build their profitable social media networks.

So, to save time and aggravation it is strongly recommended that you do not begin social marketing unless you commit to a consistent effort. Seriously – I am not kidding.

Still reading? Good! If you still want to 'give it a go', there are some guidelines to follow:
  • regular time daily
  • check for messages directed to you. If they are not “automated” messages, then they are probably from people who are interested in you or your company. Reply to these.
  • Give 'props' – quote friends and associates on Facebook; Re-Tweet on Twitter. This tells them you appreciate their thoughts. It also helps theie message get seen by more of your friends. And it encourages them to return the favor to you.
  • Save time - “re-purpose”. If you have an interesting story or news item on your Web site, blog or Facebook page, then pass it along. Others will probably enjoy it – and you get extra mileage from the effort you spent.