Thursday, September 25, 2008

Announcing - Support Your Favorite Not-for-Profit

YouGottaCall now supports Members' ability to donate their rewards and rebates to their designated charitable organization.

Our vision is to connect consumers with their trusted local service providers.
Businesses can pay rewards to their network for referrals that result in new sales.
Members can choose to
keep these rewards or
donate them to the non-profit agencies that they support.

In 4 easy steps , current Members may log-on and designate a non-for-profit organization to receive their rewards. (click picture for larger view)

This is an exciting step for our vision to benefit the entire community of trusted businesses and deserving 501(c)3's. Please keep your feedback and ideas coming!


John Haydon said...


Great idea that leverages existing business and consumer relationships to benefit local non-profits.

I imagine that local schools, boyscout/girlscout troops and churches would be ideal for this. Why? These types of non-profits have a strong network of people whose common interest is the organization. These people naturally congregate within their non-profit. An animal rescue league, on the other hand, might have strong supporters, but they don't have coffee together every Sunday.

For example, Joe and Sally belong to St. George's Church. They refer each other, very naturally, to painters, clothing stores, auto repair shops and restaurants. If the Church joined and then announced it to all their members, Joe and Sally (and the whole congregation) would be raising money for the church - without spending money OR changing their behaviors.

Let me know if I can help out!