Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tip from GasPedal to Increase Your Referral Leads

Excerpted from our favorite Word-of-Mouth, best selling author Andy Sernovitz's site GasPedal

Lindsey Turner Photography

Create word of mouth by giving your customers the tools for talking

One of the best ways to get a customer talking about you is to send them off with something great that they can share. It’s all about putting the tools for talking directly in the hands of your fans.

You can try some simple stuff, like extra coupons, lots of free samples, stickers, or treats. Or, you can do what wedding photographer Lindsey Turner does and go all out by sending potential clients off with a bag full of helpful goodies

The Lesson: Think about what your talkers could use in a kit that would help them tell their family, friends, and other businesses about you — and find a way to do it like Lindsey: Relevant, helpful, and inexpensive.

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My Take

"The right tool for the right job" helps you finish your work efficiently - and with the best results.

When giving your clients a tool for word-of-mouth referrals, what better than a direct connection between their "real-life", off-line relationships and your online social Web page?

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