Monday, September 28, 2009

Read This If You Want New Clients Who Are Affluent

Excerpted from article by Helen Leggatt

Social media used by all demographics

Social media is influencing all kinds of consumer decisions. And now it's seeping into life's more mundane moments.

adology logo.jpgAccording to new research from Ad-ology, consumers' decisions on home repair services are being swayed by social media. The study also found that affluent consumers are more likely to be influenced by social media when it came to home repair services than other income groups.

It's not just the young and tech-savvy generations using social media to research purchases. People of all ages and from all walks of life are reading review sites, Tweeting about brands and using social media to make better, more informed purchase decisions.

"Some companies may be quick to dismiss social media as something that's only used by young people, and not worth their effort," said C. Lee Smith, president and CEO of Ad-ology Research. "In reality, social media usage is growing across all demographics and can clearly be a way to reach some very lucrative audiences," he added.

My Take

The trend continues - and it's becoming more predictable. Use of social media is increasing across all demographics. It is seeing rapid increase among the affluent. If you want educated, home-owning high earning clientele, you should connect with your customers, neighbors and friends on social media.

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