Tuesday, September 29, 2009

If Craigslist cost $1

My Take on Seth Godin's 9/29/09 blog.

We can certainly speculate on what might happen if the cat weren't out of the bag and the genie was still in the bottle. But there is literally no going back.

The "free web" is not perfect. But neither would a "pay for everything" web. Think about the great sites we enjoy because, due to their 0 price point, many enterd, enjoyed, spread-the-word and gave the sites the traffic to thrive.

Sure - monetization is often an after thought. But the Web is still in its infancy.

As far as tightness, well, I would not be more loyal to a mediocre "pay for" site than I am to an excellent free site. So it's all about quality.

We are each committed to pursuing quality for ourselves. The creators who make sites that bring value and enrich others' lives will flourish - until some regulation comes along mandating fees.

I believe that's called a tax.

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"If Craigslist cost $1"
- Seth's Blog: If Craigslist cost $1 (view on Google Sidewiki)
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If it cost $1 I would not have tried it. Hope you like it.
- - Tim

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