Saturday, December 5, 2009

Spread the Holiday Cheer!

A consumer tip for your busy shopping season: Word-of-mouth is your best source for value and trustworthy products and services. It's also the most effective form of advertising for merchants and service providers.

Word-of-mouth starts with your trusted relationships -not randomly or in a vacuum.

So why do Web-based “local” search sites ignore your relationships? How come you cannot start with your network of friends to locate the service providers they trust?

This is where begins - in the trusted conversation between you and a neighbor or co-worker when someone says, “You gotta call ...”

Powered by the Web, makes word-of-mouth more effective at helping you find and refer trusted businesses. And it does good, too.

So spread the holiday cheer along with the good news that can raise money for your favorite charity each time you use it. When talking with friends about snow removal, chiropractors, insurance agents – or even the weather – remember to mention (And please share this on your Facebook wall! :-)

Good referrals. Doing good.

- - Tim
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