Friday, December 25, 2009

Dan Zarrella's 2010 Perspective

Excerpted from:
My Predictions for Social Media Marketing in 2010
Posted on Dec 23rd, 2009

One of the most powerful potentials of social media is for it to not only connect people online, but facilitate connections offline as well. 2010 will see an increase in location aware apps and games that blur the line between the web and the real world with technologies like Four Square and augmented reality. Driving this will be continued interest in and improvement of mobile web technologies like smart phones and net books. The real world be important again.

Micro-Targeting and Personalization
Every one actively engaging in social networking is sharing a ton of data about themselves and in 2010 companies will leverage this information in increasingly sophisticated ways. Micro-targeting and personalization will take advantage of information on individual people to deliver highly customized messaging and content to small and smaller segments. Opinion mining technologies will begin to mature, allowing researchers to utilize the entire social web as a global focus group for any brand, product, service or idea.

Small Business Social Media Marketing
In 2010 small businesses will continue to realize the high bang-to-buck ratio of social media marketing and will get into it like never before. Social media is a great equalizer in that it allows small companies to compete more effectively with large ones. They’ll take a strong do-it-yourself stance and will demand accountability and effective analytics.

My Take
These are logical forward steps for small businesses to connect online to offline conversations, relationships and transactions. The infrastructure is in place - as more consumers begin to power "real" word-of-mouth with online tools SMB stand to benefit from exponential yields in qualified referrals and new business.

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