Monday, January 26, 2009

Social Media: Small is Big and Vice Versa

Social Media: The Next Great Equalizer

by Nuno on January 21, 2009


The internet did a lot to even the playing field between giant corporations and small businesses. Both could register a domain name, put up a website and, at least early on, compete for traffic on search engines.

If you’ve been a netizen for any significant period of time, you’ve probably come by a web site or two that clearly is a one-man operation but where every reference to the business is first-person plural: “we, us, our company.”

That was clearly an attempt to make a small company seem big. The issue, of course, is one of trust.

Don’t be afraid to act like a three-person company with big dreams. It’s all the rage.

My Take

There is much irony in social media. Socializing with hundreds of people while sitting at your computer. Being "friends" with many you've never personally met.

Nuno Andrade ( points out that big companies are imitating the intimate relationships that small companies enjoy - with the same media that small companies used to appear "big".
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