Friday, January 23, 2009

Facebook - Who Cares What the Kids Think?

It's growing like crazy among "middle-agers"

My Take:

I knew it since began hearing non-webby folks rave about Facebook - "I just connected with my old high school friend" ..."Wow - it was so good to hear from them...". FB is resonating with people of all ages.

Back in 2007, my independent research showed a phenomenal growth rate among Facebook users from my alma mater.

But thanks to
Nick O'Neill of and The Social Times we have data to confirm it. Using data from AllFacebook, the trend is for annual quadrupling of US users in the 45 to 54 demographic. The 35-44 demo is over twice the current usage level and trails just slightly in compound growth rate.

So don't listen to your high school or college kids' warning to "stay off" of their social network or you'll embarass them. Facebooks isn't just for kids. And if you're in business, you can count on it being a major piece of your marketing mix in the next year.

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