Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Take: Microblogging (pronounced "Twitter")

Imagine a steady stream of blogging posts flowing at you from only the associates and industry gurus whom you select. Now stop imagining because it is real - and takes three minutes to get yours started.

It's called Twitter - and it is a mash-up, if you will, of Facebook, instant messaging and blogging.

How can it help you or your business? That depends on your business and who you're targeting. Seems like most Twitterers are Web professionals or simply have a lot of time on their hands. But if you wish to make new connections, latch onto cutting edge conversations and even drive traffic to your site, then it will work for you.

1. it is addictive
2. it can be frustrating - you will go through waves of acceptance from "this is cool" to "this is TOO much" to "Oh - now I get how to do this..."
3. you will be shunned for overt self-promotional-ism. Better to sit and watch a spell - get a feel for the protocol and etiquette before diving in.
4. it can steal time from other Web activities, so be looking to re-adjust your mix. Example - I find it more difficult to create blog content when I am in rapid fire Tweet mode.

So give it a whirl. You can "@" me (lingo for sending me a direct "tweet") at timtracey

- - Tim