Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"I washed my windows and I liked it?!" - Guest Editorial

Linda Pulford, owner of New Hartford-based Farmington Valley Organizing offers this great motivational piece in today's FVO newsletter.

I hate to wash windows! I have 47 of them and I usually just get streaks. I always put window washing on my gift wish list. But, it never materializes.

So, after pollen season passed, I had no excuse. Why couldn't I get it done? It was too big and overwhelming a chore. So, I had to work really hard at getting started. First I thought I would just do the insides. Still, too many windows. Then I thought about just doing the downstairs (29). Still too many. Then I thought, maybe just the insides of the kitchen windows (5). OK, deal.

I sometimes tell my clients to put on music they love to help energize them for a task. I needed all the energizing I could get, so I put on a Doo Wop CD.

I had tried the newspaper tip before with streaky results. But, just heard the ladies from "How Clean is Your House?" say the papers must be at least 2 days old to work. Who knew? I used some old newspapers and window cleaner and it worked great! The rough papers took the film off the windows quicker than a soft cloth. After I cleaned them with newsprint, I just ran a clean
paper towel into the corners.

I was having such success, I kept going... All the insides of the downstairs windows (29). The music played a big part. It's hard to have a bad time while listening to "I love a girl named ramma lamma lamma lamma lamma ding dong!"

What does this have to do with organizing?

One reason you are not getting organized is because the task is too big and overwhelming. Whatever it is, breaking it down into a very small piece will work.

* If it's the office, just start with one small part of your desk.

* If it's a pile of papers, just start with one inch.

* If it's a storage room, just start with one square foot.

Get the idea? It works. And don't forget the music!

Linda has been a YouGottaCall.com Member & Trusted Service Provider since March 2008. She was the first TSP to gain a new client by a YouGottaCall.com Member referral. Please visit FVO's YouGottaCall.com page - or you may reach Linda at 860-558-1747.
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