Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Basic Three C's of of Social Media Strategy

From post to LinkedIn Group discussion: Social Media for Interior Design

Here are the 3C's of my strategy - Content, Connect and Cross-promote

First have interesting content - either your own or some recognized experts that you can excerpt. Also assemble client testimonials. Have a blog where you can publish this - ideally on your Web site. This will establish your expertise and allow your prospects to get comfortable with you - feel like they know you.

Example - my blog is at www.yougottacall.blogspot.com. I try to have fresh stuff each week. (Note - I violate my own advice - it's not on my own www.yougottacall.com domain yet)

Moving right along :-)

To connect with clients and prospects it's good to find where they go - and then go there. Consider joining Facebook. You can also build a free page for your business to connect with your friends and clients. Also - very important - have a list of email addresses for your network of clients, neighbors, associates and friends with whom you want to connect.

Then use email, your IM program - if you use one, Facebook, Twitter and other tools and social networks (Ping.fm, Plaxo, etc.) to push out running, interesting, entertaining and engaging cross-promotional commentary. Mention your new content, feature new client testimonials, recommend people read articles on your blog, etc.

It's simple - but requires consistent, steady attention.

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