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Local search gets profitable for local business

Entry for July 27, 2007
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Now local search gets profitable for local business. Announcing Local Leap from Vertical Leap

Release Date: 26 July 2007

Vertical Leap, pioneer of managed search engine marketing, has launched Local Leap, a new search optimisation service specifically for businesses whose market is local, rather than global.

Local Leap gives high street shops, professionals such as solicitors, accountants plus service providers including plumbers, specialists in topiary through to catering the opportunity to realistically compete in the main search engines and to see a profitable return from their website due to increased sales leads.

My Take

This effort aims to place participating local vendors at the top of the search results heap.

If all SEO experts are attempting to win the same limited real estate, then any positive results they achieve can only be temporary. The next local competitor who comes along using the same tool - or a similar one - will knock them off.

Missing elements - social search; viral; economic incentive; differentiation based on consumer experience

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Friday July 27, 2007 - 07:23am (EDT)


timmy said...

Great post.

What caught my attention when I was reading it is that you recommended using Angie's I use Angie's all of the time to check and see if businesses are sketch or have a bad reputation.

What was even great about starting to use Angie's List was that I found some promotional codes that save you 25% on your subscription for lifetime. I took them down (you only need to use one though)...

They are as follows: Save 25% off:


I hope this helps!

Tim Tracey said...

Hi Timmy,

I did not recommend Angie's List in the article.

I approved your post anyways because it illustrates the need for a source of trustworthy information.

The discount codes you supplied are suspect - as suspect as unmoderated recommendations from strangers.

What if your Angie's List's model was reversed? What if you paid your members' favorite charities each time a referral resulted in a sale for a trusted business?

Then you'd have a model that helped the local community.