Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michelle MacPhearson's "The Social Myth"

My Take:

“The Social Media Myth”

Michelle MacPhearson (; Twitter: offers this 31 page downloadable guide to social media. It is useful as a means for viewing social media as an important - and simple - piece in your marketing.

Michelle sent me a well timed, follow-up email asking for my "take aways". This in itself demonstrates her marketing skill. Follow-up is so often overlooked - it prompted me to read the article, which I'd been too busy to do when I first downloaded it.

My biggest take away from “The Social Media Myth” is that social media is changing rapidly. Each new development is making it easier to use.
• Open architecture - Open Social, OpenID, (Facebook Connect)
• Mobile enabled
• GPS integrated

“Social ergonomics” is driving these design enhancements. When its evolution is complete, social media will have morphed into an invisible, continually used aspect of our daily routines. At that point its value will be maximized for users, content providers and advertisers alike.

For now we invest time into developing social media marketing strategies that weave the functionality of the available platforms into our marketing mix. Later on it will be seamless and user friendly.

A key to the development of sturdy, valuable social media platforms is the careful consideration and mimicking of our natural, social behavior. It will be successful in the long term when social media uses the power of the Internet to accentuate the effectiveness of
  • our necessary communications,
  • our actual relationships, and
  • our trusted recommendations.

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